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    Settings for best audio quality when exporting to .mov format?


      To export to .mov format from Animate, how do I get the best sound quality?

      The file I am exporting has streaming audio narration that is 22kHz Mono 16 bit, which sounds fine in the swf. When I export to .mov the sound quality is bad. I have tried every setting in the Publish dialog that pertains to sound quality and none sound as good as it does in the swf. If I set it to MP3, 64 kbps, mono, the sound is tinny, if I choose Raw 22khz, mono, the sound is better, but there's a clicking noise not in the original; Speech 22 kHz, mono has an echo-y quality to it.


      The export video help page (Export Video with Animate) looks like it hasn't been updated for Animate, because the instructions tell you to go here: Select File > Export > Export Movie which only exports to swf in Animate. It also says there is a  QuickTime Settings option that opens the advanced QuickTime settings dialog box. Is there such a thing in Animate? If so, can you tell me where to find it, and what settings to use?

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks for your help.