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    Live, Bleed, Trim


      Doing freelance for a company and they gave me these dimensions:


      Live Matter: 7'' w x 4 7/8'' h
      Bleed: 8 1/4'' w x 10 3/4'' h

      Trim: 8" w x 10 3/4" h


      I did the calculations to put this into my new InDesign document and it came out looking real funky. Either I totally did this wrong or she gave me some weird dimensions.
      Help anyone? Thanks!

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          Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Alexa,

          the problem here is, that you cannot know from the values alone, if all the rectangles you can make out of the given values are centered to each other or not. And if not, how would they be aligned?


          The only thing, that is clear to me is the size of your page. And that is "Trim".

          With apparently no bleed on top or bottom.



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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            Yeah – the company clearly doesn't know what it's doing!

            The important dimension is the trimmed page size (TPS), to which you add bleed (and where you add bleed depends on whether it's a single page document or facing pages), and from which (the TPS) you subtract for the margins to give you the type page area.

            I suggest you don't do anything until you get a clear brief from your customer, in writing/email!

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              joet082964 Level 3

              Makes no sense.


              According to their specs, this is your page?

              Red is bleed, white is trim, blue is live.  The bleed and trim height are the same.


              You didn't say what the project is, but it could be possible that the live area is your space for design that lives on a page size according to their trim area?