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    PGB CLI 6.0.0 - .appx package does not pass Windows developer dashboard validation

    OrangeMason Level 1

      There is also a related post on the phonegap community forum, but sofar no solution. That's why I'm posting it here as well, since at this point our deployment to the Windows Store is on hold.


      We're having an issue when using CLI 6.0.0 on phonegap build. The build works fine without any problems, but when we upload the .appx package to the dev.windows.com dashboard, the following errors are given (some content is redacted with *):

      Invalid package identity name: 4974de88-***** (expected: *****)

      Invalid package family name: 4974de88-*****_***** (expected: *****)

      Invalid package publisher name: CN=OrangeMason BV (expected: CN=*****)

      This package uses a display name that you have not reserved: *****


      As far as I know, phonegap build does not let us specify the identity name, family name, publisher name and display name anywhere? Or is there some way that we can define these in config.xml so that they get processed correctly into the package?

      If not, will support for this be added in the future or how does the Phonegap crew expect us to publish our app in the Windows Store alternatively?


      By the way: when using older CLI versions (which exports .xap), this issue does not occur. However these CLI versions do not support Windows Phone 10.