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    macbook mac OS X 10.5.8 ?


      I get a message  that flash does not support Flash anymore how  can I get a previous version after I uninstalled  the update?

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          maria__ Adobe Employee



          Flash Player has not been supported on OSX 10.5.8 for several years.  The last release was and the installer is posted on the Archived Adobe Flash Player versions (direct link: Flash Player - Mac only).  While this is the last version to be released for OS X 10.5.8 it's very likely that most modern browsers will block it, and some content you attempt to view will require a newer version of Flash Player) due to it being so old, not to mention it has not received any security updates to address any vulnerabilities found, and fixed, after its release.


          If you have an Intel-based system it may be possible to upgrade to OS X 10.6  (Snow Leopard) and install the latest version of Flash Player.  Performing an internet search for "upgrade 10.5.8 to 10.6" will return many results on this.  You'll of course need to ensure the system is upgradeable and that you have enough RAM to run OS X 10.6 (if not, you may need to add more RAM, if possible).  Several things to consider, but if it's possible, upgrading to 10.6 would enable you to install the latest most secure version.




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            jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

            Here's the official MacOS upgrade guide, which includes details on moving from 10.5.8:

            OS X - How to Upgrade - Apple