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    how to control the movieclip embeded into another movieclip to play or stop

      [ flash source file

      I created a movieclip MCA. there are 4 embedded movieclips within MCA. I hope the button " Next" to control the movieclip "slide2" within MCA to play. but I failed. it doesn't play. what's wrong ?

      by the way, the first frame within "slide2" is set to "stop". this is important for me. I need this.

      the code is as follow,


      _root.btn_next.onRelease = function() {
      _root.mca.gotoAndStop(2);// movie "MCA" go to the 2nd frame to show "slide2"
      _root.mca.slide2.gotoAndPlay(2);//hope to control movice clip "slide2" within "MCA" to play

      could you help solve the issue ?