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    Backing up Lightroom and images before computer factory reset


      My computer is going to be rebooted/restarted/set to facrory settings. But I want to save all my Lightroom photos (over 11000). What do I do to make sure that all the photos get back into Lightroom (edited and all) when I reinstall the software? Thanks!

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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi jonas.selim ,


          Please refer this article http://www.lightroomqueen.com/how-move-lightroom-to-new-computer/ and backup Lightroom catalog on an External drive.




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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            Back up your images files, they are NOT Stored In LR they are stored someplace on your hard drive, and then make a copy of the LR Catalog file.


            Do all those backups to an external drive. Also take note of the actual PATH to the image files. If you have not manually selected a storage location for your image file then by default LR stores them in your UserName folder Under the Users folder on the ROOT of the system drive in a folder named Pictures\Lightroom (Backslash being a forward slash on a Mac).


            For everything to work easily once you reinstall LR you must return both the image files and the catalog file to the Same PATH they came from.