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    Blank Pop-ups in CHM when the CHM is open from applications installed on Windows 10 64b

    Christophe_GONZALEZ Level 1



      I used RH 11 to generate CHM for different applications.

      I create pop-up by hyperlink to a topic using the 2nd hyperlink Option (in french : Afficher dans la fenêtre contextuelle à redimensionnement auto).


      Until now, I never had any problem with the pop-up display, but today somebody tests an application with the CHM on a Windows 10-64b and when clicking on an hyperlink that display a pop-up, the pop-up appears blank with nothing on It!


      From an application installed on Windows 10-32b : no problem!

      If the CHM is open directly from Windows (10-64b) Explorer : no problem!

      I have no Windows 10 on my computer, I'm running through Windows 7 enterprise Service Pack 1.

      If any people could help me...

      Have a nice day.