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    can not authorize


      I can only authorize with an adobe-id that isn't used on this computer, so why doesn't it use the old one instead?

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          I have the same or a similar problem. I bought an ebook and got an ADE-Identity for it. I also installed ADE on my PC. But when I try to authorize the ADE on my OC it says:

          "Sie können diesen Computer nicht mit einer Adobe-ID autorisieren, die zuvor verwendet wurde um andere Computer oder Mobilgeräte zu autorisieren. Versuchen Sie es erneut". Translated that means: "You cannot authorize this computer with an Adobe-ID that has already been used to authorize other computers or mobile devices. Try again." But on the webiste it says up to 6 devices can be authorized with the same ID. My operating system is Windows 7. does anone have a solution?


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            Nanaky Level 5



                Close all applications.

                Choose Start > Run.

                In the Open text box, type regedit and then press Enter. The Registry Editor opens.

                In the left pane of the Registry Editor, locate the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Adept

                Select the Adept key.

                Choose File > Export.

                In the Export Registry File dialog box, select Selected Branch under Export Range. Enter a name and location for the backup registry key, and then click Save.

                Right-click the Adept key and choose Delete.

                In the Confirm Key Delete dialog, click OK.

                Close the Registry Editor.

                Open Adobe Digital Editions and reauthorize.




                quit Adobe Digital Editions.

                Navigate to /Users//Library/Application Support/Adobe/Digital Editions and drag the activation.dat file to the trash.

                If you are using 10.7, see https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/access-hidden-user-library-files.html

                Open Adobe Digital Editions and reauthorize.