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    EPUB 3 - Stacked buttons doesn't work

    Alex Fernandes Garcia



      I'm designing a luminaire digital catalog, that will be published as EPUB 3 Fixed Layout.


      I have the following problem with stacked buttons:

      There are a navigation menu, that appears with an animation when I click on the button "+":

      ( The action used is "Show and Hide buttons", all the menu is a big button )


      Then, the menu with other luminaires options shows out:


      But, all the buttons bellow the nav menu just doesn't work anyways:



      I've searched all the internet about this, but the only answers that I found was about stacking order in interative PDFs.

      ( http://indesignsecrets.com/stacking-order-bug-exporting-interactive-pdf.php )

      But, it's not the same case, I don't have problems with the order, but with the function.


      Anyone can help me?


      Thank you!