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    Premier Elements 13 no longer uploading to Vimeo


      This was working fine and had been used several times. But now I either get a message saying there is a problem with your account, try again later or I  asked to authorise Vimeo. When I follow the steps for Authorising I say Allow it then says thank you and when I click to complete in Elements it fails and takes me back to square one.

      There is nothing wrong with Vimeo as I can upload to it directly. I have also checked and Adobe is listed as an authorised App for Vimeo, just seems that Adobe does not realise that.

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          The easiest way to upload a video to Vimeo is the automatic way.  For some it works all the time and for others it works some off the time.   Connections can fail, Vimeo's requirements and specification can change and other things I may never figure out.


          The most reliable way to upload to Vimeo is to Publish&Share to an MP4 file on you computer.  Then separately upload that file using Vimeo's methods. 


          I use PrE 13 and for the last year have been transitioning to 4K footage for my Vimeo account.  Vimeo has been busy changing to adapt to 4K and it seems other parts of their systems have evolved too.   The Vimeo presets established in PrE 13, released in the Fall of 2014, probably do not match Vimeo's current standards.