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    Open HTML page from the stage

      How can I open a HTML page by pressing a button on the stage?
      I've created a rollover button and I'm trying to make it open an existing html page from the local disk (not an internet URL).
      But I can't make it open with Lingo or behaviour.
      Please help.
      Thanks a lot.
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          goToNetPage " http://somewhere.html" is the typical form for a page on
          the web, director must use the address format the system's browser uses
          for local files, this is somewhat platform dependant, a practical
          aproach is to open the file in question from within your browser then
          copy and paste the displayed address into your lingo code.

          Some report the goToNetPage counterpart provided by the buddyAPI xtra
          works more reliably, the xtra can be used for free if limited to a
          couple of functions.

          An alternate approach buddyAPI can use is to have the browser directly
          access the html file as if it were double clicked in the file manager
          using the same form commonly used to open PDF files with acrobat.
          (sorry I don't have example code handy)