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    DNG files with errors under OSX when converted from Nikon D7200 NEF


      When I convert my NEF files from my new Nikon D7200 using the converter version and try to view them in El Capitan OSX I get an error from the operating system saying: "An error occurred with the preview of this document". Interestingly when I try to load this same DNG file into Aperture it come up with an error saying: "Unsupported Image Format"


      If I convert the NEF files from my older Nikon D300 using the same converter the operating system views the DNG files fine and these open correctly in Aperture.


      I've tried to change the settings in the Nikon D7200 from 14-bit to 12-bit NEF and this had no effect. It seems the converted files from the D7200 produce DNG files with an error. The raw NEF files from the D7200 can be read by the operating system and Aperture.


      Can anyone provide any explanation or help please? Am I the only one to be experiencing this?