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    Transparent background for SWF animation imported into InDesign

    arashmaz Level 1



      I'm trying to set the background of the stage to transparent. I've been doing a lot of looking stuff up but everything I've seen and tried hasn't worked.


      The swf file is being imported into an InDesign file, to be exported as an Interactive PDF, so an .oam file won't work.


      I've followed the instructions on the Adobe Animate CC help page here:



      But as the swf file is being imported into InDesign and not uploaded onto a website it doesn't work (at least I think that's the reason why).


      I've tried a basic animation in a movie clip and exported that as I heard movie clips don't have a background, but again when dropped into InDesign it still the white background of the stage.


      Is there any other way I can make the background transparent, with ActionScript possibly?


      Thanks in advance.