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    Why is it so difficult to cancel Creative Cloud?????


      We had an employee sign up for the year subscription and she quit and didn't let anyone know that it would auto renew.  Her email address at our company was disabled since it was no longer needed so I can't even request a password reset on her account with adobe because it is linked to her deleted email address.  When I call customer support I am told that an email reminder was sent so there is no reason for not knowing that the account would renew ....EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT THE EMAIL WAS SENT TO AN INVALID EMAIL ADDRESS!!!!!  I was also yelled at by customer support, they told me that the person that set up the account needs to phone in to cancel which is not possible because we do not have communication with her.  So this account renewed at $600+ on my companies credit card.  Please tell me there is a number I can call to speak to someone reasonable!  I was also told that I will need to dispute this charge with my credit card company.  How convenient for Adobe to do this so that the bank takes the loss and they get their money.  I will never allow anyone at this company to purchase anything from adobe ever again.