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    ANNC: Image Gallery Magic for Dreamweaver and Fireworks

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      Picture perfect...

      Bring your images to life with the most powerful, feature-rich image
      gallery solution available for Dreamweaver-Fireworks users: Image
      Gallery Magic by PVII - the leader in creative Dreamweaver extensions.
      Create image galleries from from inside Dreamweaver - in Windows or OS
      X - using the Fireworks processing engine. Image Gallery Magic can
      create the entire layout for you or you can insert a gallery into an
      existing page. While Image Gallery Magic is powered by thoroughly modern
      CSS and Scripting, we've taken great pains to ensure that your gallery
      will work in all modern browsers (on all operating systems) and some key
      older browsers, such as IE5.x (Windows and OS X).


      All aspects of your gallery are managed from within the iGM user
      interface window.

      Add (append) new images to your gallery. You can use the automatic build
      mode, which leverages the Fireworks image processing engine, or you can
      select images that you've already processed yourself in Photoshop or any
      other image editor.

      Delete images or re-order them.

      Manage Captions, Descriptions, and a counter - including where they

      Edit images (the edit command launches your default image editor and
      loads the selected image).

      Re-generate thumbnails automatically after editing a full-size image
      (Fireworks interoperability).

      Choose a full-size image to load when your page loads.

      Select the number of thumbnails to display per row.

      Enable smooth-glide scrolling of thumbnail rows.

      Choose an animation effect for your full-size images.

      Supports Dreamweaver Templates.

      Allows direct linking to individual images.

      Search-engine friendly.

      Accessible - even with JavaScript disabled.

      Al Sparber

      "Designing with CSS is sometimes like barreling down a crumbling
      mountain road at 90 miles per hour secure in the knowledge that repairs
      are scheduled for next Tuesday".