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    Adobe ID authorization problem on Kobo Touch


      I have a Kobo Touch and was able to download and read some of the free offerings from the Kobo website.

      I recently downloaded a book from our local library and transferred it to my Kobo.  When I tried to open it I received the dreaded error message, "Oops! This document couldn't be opened!  This document is protected by Adobe digital rights managemnet (DRM) and is not currently authorized for use with your adobe ID.  Please sign in with the authorized adobe id and try again"

      I confirmed that the Kobo had been authorized with the proper account.  Ithen proceeded to try the following:

      1) De-authorize and re-authorize via ADE.

      2) Delete the ebook and re-copy.

      3) Install ADE on a different computer.  De-authorize the Kobo and then authorize ADE;  authorize the Kobo; download the ebook.


      Still get the error message.


      I can read the book on both computers (Desktop and Laptop running Win7) so the Adobe ID is fine.


      Any advice would be welcomed.