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    "Uninstall adobe extension manager CC is used by OS X and can't be opened"

    mistfall Level 1

      After I purchased a .zxp package and found that Extension Manager CC won't install it, the developer recommended that I uninstall and reinstall Extension Manager CC.


      When I try to open "Uninstall Adobe Extension Manager CC"  I get a message that says "Uninstall Adobe Extension Manager CC is used by OS X and can't be opened".  



      I did a search online and see other reports of this problem, but no solutions. 


      I looked it up in the forum, but can't find any references to this problem or how to solve it.



      Does anyone know how to get the Uninstall working with OS X?


      Or better yet, does anyone know how to get a .zxp package usable on a Mac running OS 10.10.5?