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    Premiere elements crashing


      I have Premiere Elements 12 and it was working just fine for days but all of a sudden it keeps crashing as I try to edit a slide show that I am preparing. I also upgraded to Premiere Elements 14 before I started the slide show assuming it was an improved product, but it lacks the same flexibilty that the PE12 version does when creating a slide show. It makes you pick a theme and doesn't appear to allow me to change the focus of each slide and how they go from one to the next (fade, slide left etc).  So I uninstalled 14 and have been using 12 for the past week  - no issues! Until today and now it just keeps crashing and says Microsoft looking for a solution but I never get one. Restarted my machine twice, nothing. Still crashing. I have two slides shows to complete this week. Can this be fixed?