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    Data Merge with Partial Filename for Image

    Troy Monroe Stacey

      I'm setting up a data merge for some marketing pieces. They contain catalog-style galleys of products. The product images start with the stock number, but the remainder of the filename varies. I can construct an image path that contains the first part of the filename, but I have no way of having my excel doc use the actual filenames, and I can't rename the image files. Is there a way to have InDesign place the images that "start with..." or some way of using wildcard characters in the excel doc?




      Stock Number: 334455

      Actual PSD filename might be: "334455-A" (sometimes "334455-B" or "334455-C" or "334455-A-B")

      I have no way of referencing the suffix in my CSV file.


      I'm using ID CS6 on an Intel Mac Pro running Mac OS X 10.6.8