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    Publishing with embedded pngs

    erikg36608376 Level 1

      New here... I created a banner ad with 3 png's. I publish the file and it works fine on my desktop. The test is perfect. The images originate on my desktop and imported them into my library. When I email the ad it seems that the images are not linked because the animation no longer works. Should the images reside on the web and will the file link once uploaded? Is there a way to have the images embedded into the animation file?


      This is the error message


      Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

      Uncaught ReferenceError: images is not defined


      This is a basic web banner ad with simple animation. I just need to export it as HTML5 and send it out to have someone place it on their website. Any help will be greatly appriceated.