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    How can you fill all of the page edges of a PDF?

    mr19th Level 1

      I have a PDF document of a scanned book and some of the edges have a black boarder where the scanner scanned a little larger than the actual page. Is the there a way I can fill 0.075" of all the boarders white and have all of the pages be full, without black margins on some? How can this be done?


      I know I can crop the pages, but I'd rather just fill the edges of the pages.



      Thanks for your help,


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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Acrobat is not an image editor. You might want to export the images to some

          other format, edit them in a proper graphics editor and then create a new


          Alternatively, you can overlay an annotation or something like that over

          the edges, but it might cover some text on pages where this problem doesn't

          happen, so you'll need to do it manually, one page at a time...