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    can't find rendered file


      Created a composition last night via a template, it worked great. Rendered it, and opened it in Quicktime. Today, can't seem to find the file that was just Rendered, I've spent about 3 hours looking and re-saving.  Nothing saved will open in Quicktime. I've checked and re-checked all the settings. Might have something to do with the "dynamiclinkelements" folder? Deleted that, then put it back, didn't solve the problem.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you used the render cue you can expand the output module settings and find a link to the file by looking for the file name. If you have not reneeded anything else then adding a new comp or duplicating the last comp rendered will direct you to the last folder used.


          Some of the Quick Titme formars have to be converted by the QT player before they can be played back. Not being able to instantly play a rendered file does not necessary mean you have a bad file.

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            garrickf67857639 Level 1

            Hey Thank you Rick, I just found 25 copies of the same file. I thought I’d looked everywhere, I guess not.


            Thank you so much for the help,