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    How do I run Adobe CS 5.5 Design Standard on Mac's El Capitan?

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      I've been running Adobe CS 5.5 on my MacBook Pro for 4 years and have had very few performance issues.

      Last November/December 2015 I installed the recommended El Capitan OS on my MacBook (v. 10.11.3 (15D21)).


      Illustrator, Photoshop and Bridge have all run smoothly for a long time before this point.

      On a recent layout project, I needed to use InDesign, which I hadn't used for several months.

      I opened InDesign and the program failed to operate almost instantaneously.

      The rest of the project therefore had to be completed in Illustrator.


      To attempt to resolve this newfound issue I uninstalled the software and then reinstalled it to see if this made a difference.

      I also went online to obtain the latest upgrade for InDesign (Adobe InDesign CS5.5 7.5.3 update for Macintosh - All Languages)


      After this point, the program seemed to be running fine.

      To take further precautions I went into my local Apple store for a computer diagnostic.

      The technician ran multiple tests on the hard drive, screen and OS and found no errors.


      I then reinstalled Adobe CS 5.5 Design Standard and noticed the following issues:


      1. A given program will open with the standard start-up indicator (orange 'AI' and graphic for Illustrator, purple 'ID' and graphic for InDesign, blue 'PS' and blue graphic for PhotoShop and so on).

      2. The last time I accessed InDesign, the menu screen came up and I selected one of the options (Document)

      3. My computer quickly went through a series of Screen Flickers almost freezing the entire computer (I turned off the WiFi and the issue can go away - after downloading El Capitan this independent issue arose)

      4. I then tried to open Illustrator, which isn't usually an issue

      5. After start-up I noticed a rolling blue beach ball (sometimes its a multi-colored beach ball)

      6. The ball then froze

      7. A few seconds later the computer shut down and goes through a series of restarts


      I first thought that El Capitan was causing my computer to malfunction, but now believe its this particular Adobe software.

      I've since uninstalled the software and don't have these same computer problems.


      Who else has this issue?

      What steps can be taken to prevent this issue from occurring again?

      Is it due to El Capitan?

      Has the installation disk become outdated over time?

      Is my subscription ending and failing to work on my registered computer?


      I really appreciate your advice and feedback.