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    Move Pages does not work correctly; previous/replaced image reverts


      RE: Indesign CC 2015, 2015.1 release, x64 build


      As a matter of workflow, after saving the InDesign file, when I next work on it, I open the file and rename it (File > Save as . . . name_rev001, name_rev002, name_rev003, etc.) before starting. 


      Generally, I make straight forward books in a single file. The book in question is 384 pages, with 10 pages of images.


      While building the book/project in question, I have run into two distinct problems:


      1) Not every page moves when moving pages

      Moving pages: Using the Move Pages command, I moved two three chapters within a book. The last page of each chapter did not move. In correcting those, the last paragraph of each page went in the wrong place. 


      With View > Extras > Show Text Threads on, prior to moving the three chapters, with facing pages, the threads went in a nice, orderly zig zag from out port to in port, page to page. After moving the three chapters, the threads in three places simple dropped as parallel lines to the new location. Fair enough, but . . .


      When I tried to make correction within a moved section they appeared in pages back where the chapter had been. For example, typing on page 300 showed up on page 50.


      [My work around was to create separate PDFs of book sections, combining them, then converting to PDF/X-1a]


      2) Changed and relinked image revert to previous state/version

      Perhaps more troublesome is an illustration that was changed early on in the project.  I used Place to insert the image. The link in the Links Palette was correct.  I modified the image, and updated the link.  Everything worked well for another 6-12 revised files, saved, as noted above.  


      The book was printed (from a PDF) and proofed, it was fine. 


      Corrections to text were made,  and, again, for each set of corrections I made a new file as noted above.  There have been about twenty new files. The PDF I made of yesterday’s file has the previous version:

      The Link Palette shows the correct image name

      Mousing over the link name shows the correct path

      Following that path goes to the the correct image, with the correct image name as in the Link Palette

      But it is the wrong image: in both the InDesign file (source) and the PDF.


      I cannot say at exactly what point the image reverted . . .but it was correct for at least a dozen revisions (I could say by going back through some 247 files (not all InDesisgn) at 2.67GB) . . . but it’s not so much a when problem than that it happened at all.


      [My workaround was to replace the image and double check that it was moved]


      The idea of editing and revising a book is that previous updates and changes remain permanent (unless changed down the road).  Editing and revising a book should not require proofreading the entire book again and again for each change.