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    Can I legally buy my buddy's copy of CS6 Master Collection?


      I have a friend that has a copy of CS6 Master that he no longer uses.


      I want to buy it off of him.


      Does anyone know if this is legal? We're both in USA.


      Would we just have to make sure it is not installed on any of his machines and then I can install it on mine and use the the key?


      How do we make sure we're doing this on the up and up?


           update: I was able to chat w/ support. They said that if it is oem license there is no way for me to legally put it on my computer for my use. If he bought it from Adobe I would go through the License Transfer Process and it would be as if I had just purchased a new license myself. So more or less answered. I'm still interested if anyone has an opinion on the accuracy of the statement, "there is no way to legally put an oem version on another person's computer for their use".