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    Issue importing from iPhoto library (photos that were originally on a CD)



      I've had a continuous issue importing from my iPhoto libraries into Lightroom 6.


      I have over 90,000 photos and almost all of them migrated over EXCEPT the library that contains photos pre-dating my digital camera.


      These photos are currently named things like FH00000029, etc.


      I took them with my film camera and had a CD created at the time of development. I then uploaded them into my iPhoto library from the CD.


      I am wondering if part of the issue is that several of the files have the same name? Although I thought that iPhoto had a way of creating a date stamp to make the photo look unique, even if the number's the same.


      I can get as far as dragging the library into Lightroom...the thumbnails pop up, but once I click Import, it LOOKS like it's working, but then nothing actually imports.


      Please help! All of my other libraries imported just fine (even one that contained a lot of scanned photos).


      I tried renaming my files in iPhoto, but the new file names did not transfer over the Lightroom.


      And I thought I could rename then in Lightroom, but you can't do this't until they are actually imported.


      Adobe gives absolutely NO SUPPORT if you don't buy the subscription.


      Thanks for any help you can give me.