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    adding pens and brushes.


      I need more than 5 pens and brushes to work efficiently.  How do I add them?  I see how to change a pen to a brush etc. but not how to add tools to the side menu.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi B,


          You can change the brushes, but it's not possible to have more than five in the toolset at one time. Although.... it's a great idea; I'll pass it along to the team.



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            b.noying Level 1

            Thank you.  I really like the program and it can yield beautiful results but I find it tedious to use since, like all architects and most artists I don’t work sequentially from one tool to another.  I need to quickly access 3 or 4 line weights and 4 or 5 felt tip colors and a few brushes.  Even though it is easy to adjust the characteristics of the tool, doing the three or four steps each time you want to change color or line weight gets in the way of your thought process.  It is helpful that you can change the tool type to suit your needs.


            I find the tools them selves quite good with the exception that they don’t seem very sensitive to apple pencil pressure.  As you make this app more useful please don’t loose the simplicity of it.






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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



              Thanks for these added details; knowing who (and how) people are using Sketch and Draw is invaluable.