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    Sync Settings - How it really works?

    berzins Level 1

      Who can explain it to me? How this feature really works for me? I cant figure out.

      It never worked, it never does like it should. Its useless and time wasting option.


      After the last time AfterFX updated, i realized, that my settings are gone again. Off course - you'll say - since all settings are synced in Cloud there are no worries about it, right?


      Ok, i know, i suppose problem is into me, myself. I don't really understand how it works.

      So, I have spent some 6 hours now to learn this brilliant feature called SyncSettings ... with no success. It still not working for me.


      Here is how it looks like.


      1. I checked all checkboxes in my AFX preferences panel in the way i would like.

      2. I write new Output modules and delete the useless ones.

      3. I delete some useless Composition settings, i find useless. And i made one new Composition preset in the way i like.

      3. I create and rearrange some of the Workspaces.

      4. I checked SyncSettings Prefs to sync everything and choose "Ask My Preference" option

      5. Now I press Sync Now button.

      6. A new dialog appears, and it says AFX now restarts to revert defaults. I choose Upload settings before clearing, Off course!

      7. Next time After FX starts welcome screen (i choose not showing this panel at start) shows me the settings are cleared and i press SyncSettings Now button.

      8. Another one dialog box appears and it asks me what to do and i choose Download Settings now. After it dialog box changes to another one and i press Download&Quit.

      9. Now i start AFX again and i hope there will be my SuperSettings on ... but ... as always ... it just drives me crazy ....      It's back to "Nobody Knows What Settings" state.


      What settings exactly are Synced and what seems not.

      1. Welcome screen apears again. F.... Why!!!??? OK. I go back to preferences panel to uncheck it ... !!! AND!!! What do i see there?

         a) General Pref pan have only one bug - Welcome Screen

         b) Display Pref pan - full reset

         c) Import Pref Pan - full reset

         d) Output Pref Pan - full reset

         e) Media & Disk Cache - full reset ... OK. This, probably, have some reason .. OK. Let it be. No worries about it.

         f) SyncSettings Pref Pan - only Output Modules Checkbox changed to unchecked state (?)

      2. OUTPUT MODULES are blown away completelly. It returned to ancient 1998 state. NONE of my own are there any more. All Adobe original presets only.

      3. Workspaces are rearranged back in the way Adobe like it. There are Not My Workpace anymore. But ... it's not like full reset - some features still as i did, e.x. Overflow menu is arranged in my way. Thats all.

      4. Composition settings - old ancient list is back. I should go and delete some 20 useless comp settings again.


      And this is how it goes every time. The first Sync after last update was completely useless. None of my old settings appeared into new updated AFX version.



      How it really works?

      My System:

      iMac 2012 3.4Ghz i7 32GB DDR3 NVIDIA GTX 770

      YOSEMITE 10.10.5