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    stoping audio from playing across frames


      hey ive got a site at www.trad-guitartuning.com, im playing a series of mp3s one after another using an array and a function which calls the member of the array "notes" out one after another and plays them. The audio is loaded in externally using loadsound. So basically there is a page with a movie clip on it containing a bunch of buttons that each load a differnent set of mp3s in to the array and then a movie clip opens up which has a play button to play the array of mp3s just loaded. MY PROBLEM is that while the array is playing, if you chose to move to another page or select another set of mp3s to play then notes just keep repeating over and over, ive tried clearInterval and stopallsounds() but they doesnt seem to work. Any ideas ive attached the code or at least the simpliest version of it below or you could check out the site.
      Thanks in advance