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    JS to Extract Multiple Pages and Name as Page Label


      Good Morning! We have a group of employees that often taken a PDF that contains multiple pages (in the range of 200-500 pages) and extract them out into separate PDF's to load into a system. Often times, these large PDF's that they begin with hold page labels for each and every page, but when extracting, they lose these page labels and the individual files are named differently. What we're aiming to do is have a javascript that they can run to extract all pages out of a multi-paged PDF and in that process, it name the individual PDF files the same name as their page label.


      I believe the two functions that we're dealing with are Doc.getPageLabel() and Doc.extractPages() but we're unsure as to how to tie this into a javascript that will do what we need it to do. Unfortunately, none of us have any experience with JS. I appreciate any and every ones help! Thank you!