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        If you have a problem you'd like us to help you to solve, you'll need to describe it in detail, and include your version of InDesign and OS, along with any error messages you might get.

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          I had "this" problem several years ago.  For me, whatever I clicked and dragged would eventually move in between 30 seconds and 30 minutes (I timed it). The result was that whatever I moved jumped hither and yon.  I spent one months, 8-14 hours a day on the phone with Adobe and running tests . . . all those "did you try this . . . that .  . or whatever."


          According to the InDesign design team itself, there "is a bug in all version of InDesign" that manifests like this.  This may or may not be your problem, but for me it had to do with how I constructed Master Pages, which was listed in the InDesign Instructions.  I based my masters on each previous Master (A; B<A, C<B, D<C, E<D . . . ).  They said I had to base each master on one or two masters (A; B>A, C>A, D>A, E>A).


          This solved the problem for me. 


          Again, I don't know if the problems are the same (does what you try to move eventually more? does your mouse work otherwise?), if you have master pages, or if this fix could work, but since adopting this procedure for Master pages, I have not had the problem.


          But, as mentioned in the post above, you need to provide more information.