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    What would cause this

      i dont know what i did wrong but when i veiw from web site it would not play in firefox it just shows the shockwave screen and in IE it is just blank screen but the active x controls comes down
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          Devendran Level 1
          Please check your Flasxh player version installed in the browser
          or else try to publish the Source in lower flash player version.
          you can change the publishing flash version using CTRL+SHIFT+F12
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            ok, this may seem like obvious things, but it was something i did once..

            did you upload all the files? sometimes there's 3 sometimes 2. try viewing by going direct to the .swf file. you should have uploaded my_file.html as well as my_file.swf sometimes there's an AC something or other as well, if you can't view the my_file.swf directly then you probably didn't upload it. Just a noob solution, I apologise if i'm stating the obvious.