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    Alternate Mapping Paths?

    wendigo Level 1
      Are there ways to point to alternate paths for a specific based on Application.cfm or other similar roundabout way?

      Here's my problem.

      I have two sites, both running on the same instance of Coldfusion. Site-Corp and Site-UK. I have a mapping created for included files named "includes" that I would wish to use for both sites. If the two sites were totally independant then it would be easy and all I would have to do would be to create a site-specific equivalent mapping (i.e. includesuk), but the thing is that Site-UK will be dependent on Site-Corp for a great many files (headers, footers, general sections nav etc etc). Through the use of a replication/migration tool said dependent files will be updated automaticaly on Site-UK when being saved on Site-Corp and overwrite whatever was there to make sure the two sites are consistant.

      Some of the files within the includes folder (Site-UK) will be overwritten this way when updates happen on Site-Corp but a great many won't, since we are using template files that will serve for both sites I need the folder structure to be the same. That's where my problem comes from, since they are both running off the same instance of ColdFusion, no matter the changes done on Site-UK files, the fact that the mapping is set to the includes folder on Site-Corp makes both site show up the same set of files rather than two different ones. So I was wondering if there is a way that we could set a mapping path within the Application.cfm file of each site, so that based on the two Application.cfm files the actual path for the mapping named "includes" would be different on both sites and this way allow me to use the same structure for both sites so that all replication/migration done through the third-party tool would not be rendered useless by wrong paths and broken links.