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    Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Crashing PC


      I just bought a new PC last week and downloaded my Adobe apps to my PC from the Creative Cloud. The past three days, I have been having issues with the two Adobe apps. As soon as you open the apps, the apps will launch and almost instantaneously, it says that they are not responding. After about a minute, the computer will shut down and give me the blue screen and it says Driver Power State Failure. Now, I have cleaned up and updated all of my drivers, so I know that is not the issue. This only happens when I run the two above mentioned applications as well. I run a video editor as well, (not Adobe), and I do not have any issues. I ran the computer an entire day with no issues, but as soon as Lightroom and Photoshop boot, the PC shuts down. I should have plenty of PC to get the job done as well. I have 8GB of RAM, it has an Intel i7 Quadcore processor. I am also running Windows 10 currently. I am very frustrated because I pay for these applications monthly, and I cannot use them.