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    LR CC Develop Module Issues


      Greetings all........ I am posting today as I've just run into this issue with the develop module. I have the photographers version of CC which is installed on my home main machine as well as my laptop for mobile editing. I've had the apps installed and working well for a long time. I just recently upgraded my laptop with a newer machine (Windows I7 based). I logged out of my account on both my home machine and old laptop so that I could log in on the new laptop. I have successfully logged in on both my home machine as well as the new laptop. I have even edited photos on both machines. A few days ago I tried importing and editing photos on my laptop. They imported and I can see them in all of the Lightroom modules, however the develop module now shows the image area as completely pink. I have rebooted and relogged in and the issue still remains.


      I've attached an image showing the problem as well as the system information. Any help would be appreciated.



      Lightroom Issues 02.JPG