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    "Renew your subscription" error


      Unable to launch both Photoshop and Lightroom. Chatted with an agent yesterday and she said the "relevant team will contact me via email within 2-3 days"




      Can someone here assist? Need to get these apps working ASAP!




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          KanikaS Adobe Employee

          Hi Arcada17,



          I see you have an active creative cloud photography subscription  under the same email as with forums .


          Kindly go through the help documents below for help ::


          "Renew your subscription" message when you launch an Adobe Creative Cloud application

          "Renew your subscription" error window bug!



          If this does not help , kindly feel free to contact adobe support ::



          Hope this information is helpful !!!

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            Arcada17 Level 1

            Solution 1 did not work


            Solution 2 - I don't a see a "License this Software" button anywhere

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              KanikaS Adobe Employee

              If this has not helped you , kindly get in touch with our adobe support ::


              Contact Customer Care


              **Be sure to remain signed in with your Adobe ID before accessing the link above**

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                Arcada17 Level 1

                Thanks for trying to help - Remember I opened a ticket with Adobe first - It is now going on day 3 with no response from them. Absolutely atrocious customer support.

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                  KanikaS Adobe Employee



                  I checked your adobe account and saw that you contacted our phone support for help , and the issue was resolved .


                  Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with .

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                    I have had this issue for over a month and a half with no help from customer support.  I have called once and chatted a couple of times.  Both chats have told me the issue was elevated and would be resolved in 2 days...Big surprise did not hear back in the 2 day time frame and no solutions were provided.  Support further closed my cases (0217925687, 0217800802, 0187563973).  I have done a month's worth of research on my own trying to figure this out with no success.  This is unacceptable to have a CC account and that is dependent on Adobe servers, but yet when you have a problem, no solution is offered and Adobe customer service sends you in circles with responses that don't make sense, and then closes the cases on their own.  I have been paying for a service that has not worked in over a month. I asked to be credited back for that time lost and not being able to use the service with no response.  Adobe is essentially stealing my money.  I don't expect this post to resolve anything, it is like yelling into a black hole.  I'm sure the response will be, please check the following links (that do nothing) and contact customer service (enter back into the do loop with no solution).  I am fed up.

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                      Adobe support is terrible. Anytime I've been told I will hear back from them, it has never happened. I always have to make the effort to contact them.


                      It's been going on over a month for me as well, and the only response I get is "Our concerned team is working on a fix".


                      Tell me again why Creative Cloud is better if it takes this long for a bug of this level to be fixed? One thing to be loss of feature or something like that, but unable to even open the software that I paid for??



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                        Same issue here. Chat support is absolutely useless. They tell me they have escalated the issue and then I go days with no follow up. I have contacted them multiple times with no help at all. Horrible customer service. Makes me want to never do business with Adobe again. I'm paying for a product I can't use and I need this software for work.

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                          I'm having this same issue. I haven't been able to get the chat to work, my messages seem to fall into a black hole. This is not a problem on my local machine. I've tried installing Adobe CC on two separate computers and I've had the same issue. This has got to be a problem with Adobe's licensing servers. This is unacceptable.