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    System.dll not found exception


      So, 1 week ago I spent half a day trying to install Digital Editions on a Windows XP machine.

      No matter what I tried, I kept getting a "system.dllnotfoundexception" (literally written like that, all jammed together).

      I spent an hour on chat with Adobe support who could do nothing more than escalate the issue to the next level support.

      Next level support returned an email 4 days (2 working days) later, with a link to a completely unrelated issue.

      I replied, explaining the issue again.

      To which, again 2 working days later, Adobe "support" sent the following 1-liner:

      "In order to fix this issue ,Please go to forums.adobe.com to get the solution ."


      Now, of course I had already extensively searched the Adobe forum, as well as any other online resource I could find before I contacted support in the first place.


      The issue itself (support case 0218062026) has meanwhile been closed and I could not find a way to re-open the issue.

      Searching this support forum for "system.dll" returns 0 (zero) results.


      We are almost a full week later, with no sight of a solution, for what should be nothing more than a simple install issue.

      And all that in order to start using DRM-protected content. If ever there was a better reason for piracy.....