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    Coldfusion.setGlobalError handler Issue

    thenotorious_flag Level 1
      I am Currently using Cfdiv to load the contents and there after i am using the cfchart in the

      same cfdiv using Ajaxlink to load the cfchart and show statistical dta in flash format. Well it

      works somewhat on chrome/firefox but not in other browsers. I searched a lot and found that there

      is no workaroud to fix this yet?..

      One solution i found that use jpg and then decode it using binary to show data but that seems

      extra trival task.

      So i found 1 solution to use the coldfusion.setglobalerrorHandler.

      in my graph.cfm

      i am using the function as:
      if(typeof console != "undefined"){
      } else {
      i added this script inn the file called graph.cfm
      but it does not seem to work...

      is something wrong i am doing..