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    Dynamic Page Numbering script isn't working on spawned pages?


      I'm working in Acrobat Pro XI on a 4 page document with a button that allows a template pages to be inserted after page 3.  I created a button for this and it is working fine.  But each page has a text field that is supposed to auto update all of the page numbers.  The code looks like this:


      event.value="Page "+(event.target.page+1)+" of "+this.numPages;



      On the four pages visible when the file is opened it is working perfectly; they will update from "Page 1 of 4" to "1 of 5", etc. without any problems.  However, the inserted template pages are very random.  Sometimes the first spawned one will work and say Page 4 of 5 but sometimes it will say Page 0 of 4.  It's worth mentioning that even when it says Page 4 of 5 printing that page shows it saying Page 0 of 4 again.  And any additional pages spawned after that will list a bunch of random numbers out of the correct number of pages.  So it will look like "Page 7, 6, 5, 4, 31 of 9".


      I've been looking through a lot of previously asked questions and haven't seen any quite like this.