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    How can I write Matrices in the Text Type Tool



      Actually I am creating Math Tutorials from Grade 1 to Grade 12 in Motion Graphics (Kinetic Typography). Everything have been so fine umtil I got to the topic of Matrices and Determinants. What I would do before is open MS Word and cooy and equation and write that in the Text Tool. But now when I write the Matrix in Microsoft Word and copy that and paste in the Text Tool of After Effects,  instead of being in Matrix form it becomes like this e.g. [ (2+2&3+4) ] something like this. What I actually do is I speak to teach math and then copy my audio in After Effects and create Kinetic Typography of my speech. So guys please tell me is there any way to write the Matrix in Adobe After Effects or would I have to design it in Adobe Illustrator and save as .png with transparent background and then put that in After Effects. Designing it as pic and then putting in After Effects would take a lot of time. So is there any way I can put the full Matrix in Adobe After Effects as a text?


      Khubaib Khawar