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    No PID (Process ID) found while attempting to kill InDesign on Mac


      For the last couple of days, InDesign would go through periods of not responding to a force-quit command. Though, usually after a reboot or just trying again later it would work as usual again.


      Now, since the last time I force-quit InDesign (through force-quit menu), it will not open and my computer will not reboot because—you guessed it—InDesign is preventing it! The error prompt suggests I force-quit and try again. Yet, InDesign remains in the force-quit menu even though there is no white circle underneath its icon in the dock, suggesting the app is not running. Clicking on the icon greys it out, yet nothing else happens.


      I then attempted to kill the app via Terminal and the kill command. But, in order to do this, I need the PID for InDesign on my computer. There is no PID for InDesign found in either the Activity Monitor or the Terminal top command.


      Any suggestions on how to find the missing PID for InDesign or kill InDesign without one? None of the usual options are working and I'm on a tight deadline. Any suggestions are appreciated!


      P.S. I'm working with Adobe InDesign CS6 on a 2012 Macbook Pro running OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite.