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    Help regarding custom script to add same comment text to group of pdf files - using Action Wizard


      I have a group of PDF's that are protected, but still allow commenting. I've been told it's possible to add the same comment to the whole group of files by using an automated action via the Action Wizard.


      Can anyone help with the steps I would need to follow and a simple script? I was told I'd need to use the addAnnot method of the Document object as part of an action.


      A bit of the background issue I have;


      All I want is to be able to add a short text string 08-Mar-2016 060372-JKC-LOA0001-AP that can be accessible somewhere in the document for metadata purposes. I cannot edit properties because of the security restriction. The comment can be the default size and font (currently 12 pt Helvetica), and ideally in one of the corners of the document.
      It can be a sticky note, or a simple text comment, I don't really mind. So long as the comment type is still viewable when the PDF is opened in different versions of Adobe Reader down the track.


      The comment that appears on the PDF will need to be discreet so not to take away from the detail of the PDF content. The group of PDF files are single page engineering drawings, they have empty space in the margin of the document.


      I'm using Acrobat Pro XI.


      Any help would be much appreciated! This is a bit beyond me to be honest, but I like learning more of Adobe and how to do things :-)