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    Adobe CS6 and CS6 cloud

    chappo1 Level 1

      I have searched the questions as best I can but cannot find a question similar to mine.

      My wife and I have connected computers and hers runs a fully licensed copy of CS6 purchased before the cloud subscription.

      I subscribe to CS6 cloud.

      I have read all the questions and answers on installing cloud on two machines but they cannot be accessing the Adobe suite at the same time and  I understand this.


      We are looking at updating my wife's camera so her version of CS6 will no doubt not recognise the new model.  Is thee any way I can legally update ACR on her machine to recognise any new camera.  The two machines are likely to be in use at the same time and she does not want to use the dng convertor..



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Check to see which RAW version will work with CS6


          Updates start here and select product, read to see if you need to install updates in number order, or if the updates are cumulative for the individual product http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you are subscribed to the cloud then you have PS CC 2015 not CS6, unless your OS is too old to run PS CC, I suppose.


            The last version PS CS6 will run is ACR 9.1.1 and there are no more updates for CS6.


            The current version of ACR that CC runs is ACR 9.4.


            What camera are you thinking of getting, and what OS do your computers have?


            What version of Photoshop do you see if you do Help / System Info from within PS?


            What version of Camera Raw do you see if you do Help / About Plug-ins / Camera Raw?

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I might be wrong, but I don't believe there is a CS6 cloud version of Photoshop. The creative cloud version has progressed to CC 2015.4. Photoshop CS6 is a standalone version, and is not part of the creative cloud. Your wife could use the DNG converter to create DNG copies that would work with Camera Raw 9.1, which is the last version that is compatible with Photoshop CS6. But I don't know of any legal way or any other way that she would be able to have the most recent and ongoing updates to Camera Raw.

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                You can install CS6 as a Previous Version with a CC license and maybe if you have XP maybe CS6 is all you can install?

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                  chappo1 Level 1

                  Thanks guys for the prompt response and yes loose language on my part , My PC on Windows 8  is running CC2015 ( I still call it CS6cc which is what it was when I subscribed).

                  I am looking at the Sony A6300 for my wife when it becomes available in Australia. I will have to look at ACR 9.11 to see if it is supported (unless you happen to know?)

                  She struggled with having to do the dng conversion when her current camera leapfrogged the convertor until she got CS6 so that option is not a good one.

                  She is running Win 7.


                  I will need to go back and read some previous questions armed with the current knowledge.  I believe that I can install CC2015 on her machine and get the latest ACR.  Can she then revert to CS6 in Bridge and PS so that we are not both using the licence at the same time?

                  Having paid ~ $900 for CS6 and then have the rules changed seems a bad deal to me.  I could have a second licence for 6 years and still have change out of the CS6 Licence bought in good faith.. 



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                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    According to their supported cameras list, Adobe currently supports the a6000 but I don’t see the a6300.


                    The a6300 is new, announced Feb 3, so I would expect Adobe to have support for it in their next version of Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC after whenever it is available for sale, somewhere, so they can get their hands on it to profile a production version of the camera.


                    It’s not a question of legality, there is no technical way to get CS6 to run a copy of an ACR plug-in version new enough to support the new a6300 camera.


                    The choices are use a DNG converter or work with the photos on a computer that has a PS CC license.


                    In the US, at least, a CC Photography Plan subscription that includes Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC is half the price of a CC single-app subscription, so if your Photoshop is a single-app, which in the US is $20/month, then you could buy two Photography Plan subscriptions, one for each of you, which in the US would be 2 x $10/month.  That would be the legal way to do it if you both want to work with PS CC at the same time on different computers.