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    Adobe Premiere Elements 14  Unable to purchase through Adobe direct


      On March 3, 2016 we tried to order the Adobe Premiere Elements 14 Student Teacher bundle on line.  This didn't work so well so we tried to telephone Adobe and place the order.  We are a Lutheran Church which also runs a Wisconsin State accredited Pre 4 - K school on site.  After numerous tries and several disconnects from Adobe on the telephone we gave up.  This following Tuesday morning we telephoned Adobe again beginning at 10:30am to 11:15am trying to move our order along with no luck.  I than signed in to a live chat from 11:15am to 12:30pm with an agent.  My Adobe history on March 8, 2016 showed I had two (2) orders for Premiere Elements pending verification of our school status.  Following the 45 minutes on line with the Adobe customer service agent, I was told they would cancel my pending 2 orders and I was to resubmit my order.  Than I was told the agent was going to "take responsibility" and place the order for me.  I was to wait 24 hours for the verification.  It has now been 48 hours and I have not received any communication from Adobe.


      I have never been so frustrated  trying to place a simple software order with what I believed to be a World Class company than I have been in my dealings with Adobe.  I see by this thread that many people have this same issue and I have not seen one answer to what action the customer was take to make the purchase complete or receive any customer service satisfaction.


      I would purchase software either from a different manufacturer if I could find a good software program, or even from a different re-seller for Adobe, but I am fearful that if I had trouble with the Adobe program from a re-seller,  I might not receive support.  What a mess.