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    Compositing Image Help.


      I just started using after effects  less than a year ago so I have a firm grip on the basics, its just the workflow gets to me sometimes.


      Basically I am trying to get this image20160309_01083008.jpgto composite onto this wall. 20160309_01083000.jpg You could disregard the yellow ticket paper, thats there for a camera track, which didnt work out beautifully either.


      This is what it looks like after just pasting it on in photoshop.


      As you could see the it isnt quite blended in. There is still that square.


      What ive tried

      Using the clone tool in AE, which actually worked for the left side just the right side of the image has too much of a contrast. Cant find a good blend between the colors.

      Using the brush tool with eye dropper in photoshop. Did the same as above. What else can I do that would accomplish my goal?




      Is my footage too (the second image) too dark? If I reshoot it:

      -What steps should I take to make sure the footage is compatible enough for a good fit.

      -Also if I use photoshop in conjunction with AE will I have to do the compositing for every frame? Is there a way to do all this natively in AE only?


      Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The first thing I would do is take the image into Photoshop and make the background as white as possible without washing out the colors. Then import the fixed image and apply a mask to the image and then feather the edges. Then I would experiment with some blend modes. Multiply comes to mind first. Then apply exposure to the image to try and make it look like it' start of the wall. If that doesn't work you might want to apply curves.


          You mentioned a tracking marker. If the camera is moving I would Motion Track the yellow paper making sure that you include the whole thing in the tracking area and making sure that the search area is big enough to account for the camera movement. You can then apply the track to your image. 


          If I get.a chance I'll show you what I mean later tonight.