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    flash preloader question

      Hi, I would like to include a preloader for an mp3 player I'm building. The player has a dark, sinister sci-fi theme and I would like to have the brushed aluminium plates to slide accross one by one as equal chunks of the main player have downloaded. However the movie clip for the aluminium plates is inside a layer mask on it's own timeline I've looked at a few tutorials but I'm having difficulties working out where the scripts need to go and trying to put the pieces of information together to make this work.

      the link to the .fla is here

      and the link to the webpage showing the player in action (so far anyway) is here

      If anyone could point me in the direction of a tutorial that's similar to what I want to do, or even anyone out there who could tell me what needs to go where I would be eternally grateful. Many thanks.