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    Flash Player Plugin MSI install fails


      We are trying to deploy Flash Player MSI files via SCCM 2012, however the installation keeps failing on some computers.


      Running the MSI manually pops up this message:


      ActiveX version installs without issues for us. We are also running the Adobe Flash uninstaller tool first in order to uninstall any old versions of Flash.

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          Carm01 Level 4

          I wonder if there are some rogue registry entries on the machine causing that. Also if windows 7 you could script a clean install process as well if you have one. I have a scripted clean install bat , where you would have to just change the exe parts to msi parts and point to the path. I also have something to clean up registry entries for machines that have never been re-imaged or badly imaged where it was only updated and never cleaned up.


          Usually the adobe people on these forums want the logs files but you might have to wait until they ask to look at them