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    text wrap in indesign



      Im having issues getting text that is ranged right to follow closely a curved edge it is close at the top but towards the bottom the type fails to follow the edge closely and there is a gap between the wrap edge and the end of the text?

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          Chad Chelius Adobe Community Professional

          Can you post a screen shot? I'm guessing that what you're experience is to be expected. If your text is ragged right, and you're trying to get the right side of the text to wrap around a shape, there's only so much that the composition engine can do to follow that path. You want your text to read well and if it follows the edge too closely, you'll end up with gaps between words that may be undesirable. You could try setting your text alignment to justified but I'm not sure if you'll like the overall result.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            This, unfortunately, is normal on wrap around a non-vertical shape. Wrap is based on the types slug, which extends above the glyphs to accommodate caps, ascenders and diacritics.


            Dave Saunders wrote a Wrap Nudger Script many years ago to adjust the positioning, but I don't know if it will work in new versions.

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              foundedc6404954 Level 1

              seems a bit crap to me the top of the curve is bang on why would i want a bigger gap at the bottom it isn't exactly wrapping to the edge seems to be fine if the text is justified it sticks to the edge like a magnet

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                Chad Chelius Adobe Community Professional

                When you add text wrap to an object, a new path is created that controls that text wrap. You can probably get the result you are looking for if you select the Direct Selection tool, click on the anchor point at the bottom of the ellipse and drag to the right a little bit. This shifts the wrap path but not the actual ellipse. I've attached a few screen shots so you can see what I'm talking about. You'll need to do this manually for each instance but you'll obtain a result closer to what you're looking for.


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                  foundedc6404954 Level 1

                  thanks my runaround was a lot more complex than the example and i thought that was what i wound have to do but couldn't believe that they hadn't sorted it out by 2016 still that's adobe for you now they have your money every month