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    How do I change ComboBox color?

      I need to change the white dropdown button and scrollbar parts of it to a darker gray. I've looked at their live docs and I still cant get those 2 parts to change.

      [QUOTE]The combo box has two unique styles: openDuration and openEasing. Other styles are passed to the button, text box, and drop-down list of the combo box through those individual components, as follows:

      The button is a Button instance and uses its styles.
      The text is a TextInput instance and uses its styles.
      The drop-down list is an List instance and uses its styles.[/QUOTE]

      I even tried
      [CODE]_global.styles.ComboBox.setStyle("backgroundColor", 0x333333);[/CODE]

      and that didnt change the white parts of the combobox. I dont get it at all. I even looked at the halo as theme and couldnt figure it out. This is ridiculously hard to change.
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          in order to change those colors you should try this :

          To create movie clip symbols for ComboBox skins:

          1. Create a new FLA file.
          2. Select File > Import > Open External Library, and select the HaloTheme.fla file.

          This file is located in the application-level configuration folder. For the exact location on your operating system, see About themes.
          3. In the theme's Library panel, expand the Flash UI Components 2/Themes/MMDefault folder and drag the ComboBox Assets folder to the library for your document.
          4. Expand the ComboBox Assets/States folder in the library of your document.
          5. Open the symbols you want to customize for editing.

          For example, open the ComboDownArrowDisabled symbol.
          6. Customize the symbol as desired.

          For example, change the inner white square to a light gray.
          7. Repeat steps 5-6 for all symbols you want to customize.
          8. Click the Back button to return to the main Timeline.
          9. Drag a ComboBox component to the Stage.
          10. Set the ComboBox instance properties as desired.

          For this example, use ActionScript to set the ComboBox to disabled.
          11. Select Control > Test Movie.
          (MM live docs : Customizing ComboBox

          I see no other way to modify those colors seen you can not directly access the scrollbar properties in the CB component.

          O negai shimasu