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    ADE 4.5 on windows 10


      I install ADE 4.5 on windows 10. After installing... everything seems to be ok but it doesn't run. Just do not open. No error signal or something like that... but it doesn't work. Can you help me?

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          I am experiencing the exact same issue and need support to fix.  Have uninstalled and resinstalled in an attempt to fix.

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            jhsca Level 1

            Adobe says that this is the place to obtain support for Adobe Digital Editions. But there has been no response to these two questions for over a month.

            ADE V 4.5.1 will NOT open any fixed layout Epub3 book in Windows 10. But ADE 4.5.1 does not have any such problems when running on a MAC


            If this is the place to get support, please can someone form Adobe answer.


            Many thanks

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              Nanaky Level 5

              I'm not adobe support but can try to help. Have you install a update of Winodws? On many devices Windows 10 the software no longer works after a update of windows 10.

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                jhsca Level 1

                Many thanks for the suggestion Nanakay, but I don't think that is the cause of the problem in this case. ADE has never been able to open a FXL epub through several windows 10 updates and ADE does open a reflowabe epub with no problem. It would be interesting to hear if anyone with Windows 10 can open a fixed format epub with ADE 4.5.1


                Thanks again

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                  Nanaky Level 5

                  Its works under my windows 10 ^^ without the last update. For this only work to reset the update and install again.

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                    jhsca Level 1

                    Did you open a fixed format epub3 file. If so please could you let me know if that was a publicly availably FXL Epub so that I can try it on my computer.


                    I've had this problem long before the last update.


                    Many thanks



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                      doreens38958675 Level 1

                      I have the same issue

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                        jhsca Level 1

                        Thanks, Brenda, It's good to know that is likely more than a problem on just my computer. How does one get in touch with someone at Adobe who can help to fix this issue?

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                          I have this kind of trouble, but I'm not sure is the same. See, I have two accounts, one with manager privileges and the other just to work in a proper ambient. I'm sure the first time I downloaded ADI v. 4.5 I was using this unprivileged account, and when asked, just introduced the right password to let the instalation go. Well, the program worked fine, no trouble until now, when suddenly stopped working, you know, clicking the icon, getting a epub file to be oppened with  ADI or using Explorer to start the app just didn't work at all. So I uninstalled it, reinstalled and didn't work. But hey! when using the account with admin. privs., in this account it does works, even accepted my user and pwd (my Adobe Account) without introducing anything, maybe because I did have the old one. I really want to use just one account to do all my web and equipment browsing, so, is there any other program or maybe a major W10 update that interfere with ADI v. 4.5?  

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                            jhsca Level 1

                            I had already tried running ADE as an administrator, but that did not work either.


                            But I'm now giving up on ADE as my Epub reader having just found a reader that seems to work very well on Windows.

                            It's the AZARDI reader from  AZARDI 43 Release. AZARDI@IGP

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                              Nanaky Level 5

                              The same format work. But no costfree file so that can you try it. Has you check it if your file on a other device?

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                                sdean7855 Level 1

                                I have the same problem: since I upgraded to W10 Pro, ADE doesn't even pop up its window.  I have tried:

                                • uninstalling V4.5.0 and reinstalling 4.5.2. No joy.
                                • deleting the My Digital Editions directory and running ADE in admin mode.  Directory gets recreated, but the ADE window never comes up. No joy
                                • because the window doesn't come up,  I can't deauthorize and reauthorize. No Joy.
                                • I have tried running in toubleshoot mode. No joy.

                                Since has been a known problem since February.  Is anybody home at Adobe? There is no phone support and the Community Forums don't have any solid fix.  Who is Adobe's real customer in the book industry? .asm DRM is busted. Someone should be concerned.